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Easy-to-use tool to create your own web site within a few simple steps
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WEBaby Sitecraft 2008 Demo is the demonstration version of this helpful piece of software. Web pages creation is what this tool is about. It provides creation, editing and publishing abilities for the regular user. You won’t need any previous abilities or additional software packages to be able to create your own Web page within a few pretty simple steps.
The process WEBaby Sitecraft raises is very straightforward, and consists of five steps. In "Site Modeling" you define the general structure of the site. That’s to say, how many pages the site will have and how they will be organized. From here you can also name your creation. "Page Settings" is specific to each page of your site meaning that you have to configure each page of your site, one at a time. If some general parameters will be the same for several pages of your site you can use the “Format similar to…” option that allows you choosing a previously created page of the same site. Page settings allow you to set the page color, wallpaper and page width. "Page Editing" allows you to insert text, images, buttons and tables. Each insertion option displays some additional parameters to configure. "Services" aims to the final configuration of your site. The services are "View site in browser"; "Set Up Site" (set site icon, set site description and keywords, and set site main language); "Set Up Site Page"; "Set Up the Quality of Representation" and Extra Tools (save site as HTML, and create site archive). The final step of the process is "Publication". It allows you to prepare your site for publishing, to test it, and actually to publish it in the location you select.
If you want to do it for real and actually create and publish your sites, you will need to buy the license of Sitecraft. Otherwise, it will only allow you to publish your site for a few hours on the sitecraftdemo.babyhost.ws site.

Lionel Mira
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  • It provides extreme simplicity
  • There's a demo available and the full license is very affordable
  • It offers plenty of help along the process of creation


  • The design and programming possibilities are limited
  • You cannot publish your web site unless you have the licensed version
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